Group Tours

Immerse yourself in an exclusive Aboriginal cultural journey as you walk the land with Traditional Custodians and caretakers

School Tours and Incursions

We offers schools a range of cultural education programs for kindergarten, primary and high school students

Welcome to Country

Laurie is a Guringai man and can conduct Welcome to Country at a range of events.

Smoking Ceremony

Smoking ceremonies can be held at schools, hospitals, churches, houses and other locations.

Production of traditional tools and artwork

Laurie hand makes coolamons, stone carvings, clap sticks, spears and bundis.

My Story

My name is Laurie Bimson. I’m a proud Aboriginal man from what is known as Guringai country.

There are many clans in Guringai country, Garigal being one of them which is our clan.

My people are salt water people and have been the custodians of Guringai country for about 40,000 years. Guringai country covers a large area to the north of Sydney Harbour up to Lake Macquarie and from the Pacific Ocean out to Wisemans Ferry. We look after this land and in turn the land looks after us.

When I was young my dad taught me to survive. He showed me how to make spears and boomerangs and humpy’s. He also showed me how to catch yabbies, eels and fish and what plants to eat. We were the only kids in the street with a humpy outside our back fence. We used to go down to the local aboriginal carvings all the time. We were Aboriginal and I was very proud. I was always envious of my Aboriginal friends dark skin – I wished mine was darker. I was always in the bush (it drove my mum crazy!). She always asked “What did you survive on? You have been gone all weekend!” I had the best cave that I used to stay in.

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